Weight Loss and Digestion Have a Direct Relation

How long it can take the body to digest food and how it can affect the efforts for weight loss are related to each other. The number of hours it takes to digest food depends on what food we eat and when we eat. 
Generally a meal takes about 3 to 4 hours to leave the stomach and then another 2 – 3 hours to pass through the small intestine. By the time the food is out of our small intestine, it is considered the digestion is complete. Another aspect depends on what we eat. It may take our body longer hours or lesser hours to digest .For example, if we take a lot of fats with food it would be difficult to digest and takes longer hours where as if we eat carbohydrates it will take much lesser time. The health fitness magazines offer information about the food and its process of digestion. You can just go through then and get ideas what to consume and what not to.

If you go to Pizza hut or KFC you will feel full for 6 hours or more. That is for the fat we have consumed with the food. It is not that fat is always bad for health; there are good fats also which can be and should be taken. It is because fats are dense with calories in comparison to carbohydrates or proteins and a more complex process is involved in the stomach to breakdown fat to get the nutrients out of them.

Another factor which influences the time to digest food is the time when we eat food. If we eat earlier in the day rather than late at night, our body remains more active and thus has the ability to digest quickly. So if we are looking for weight loss, it is advisable to eat small and light meals earlier during the day rather than large and heavy meals at late night.

Dieters who have tried various diets with little or no success may try food combining to achieve weight loss. Food combining is one of the healthiest ways to shed pounds, as it promotes optimal nutrition and improves the bodies over all condition. Food combining refers to the practice of eating certain food in combination with one another but avoiding less beneficial combination. This is done to promote proper digestion and to support a healthy PH level within the body.

In order to digest food, the stomach must produce certain enzymes. These enzymes are either acidic or alkaline and work to break down food while drawing out important nutrients. When some one consumes food that requires both acidic and alkaline enzymes at the same time, these enzymes will neutralize one another, making it difficult for the body to digest the meal. Additionally, different foods require different time to digest. Protein generally takes about 8 hours, while fruits take only 30 minutes. When diet combines foods with different digestive time, some food will be left in the stomach undigested for long hours. This slows the metabolism, while preventing some nutrients from being absorbed.

While beginning a combined food diet, it is important to understand the beneficial combinations. The first rule of this diet is that there are four types of food that should never be combined. These foods are starches, proteins, fruits and nuts & seeds. Vegetables may be eaten with proteins, starches or nuts and seeds in order to create well rounded meals. Fresh fruits, on the other hand, should be eaten alone, at least 30 minutes before a meal. However, while it may make sense to eat fresh fruits for dessert, this should also be avoided, since other foods will be digested first, leaving the fruits sitting in the stomach. While combining food, there are a few foods that dieters should avoid. These foods are alcohol, sugary treats and most processed foods like fast foods. These foods will slow digestion, thus thwarting even the best food combining efforts. While they are difficult to avoid, it is necessary to do so in order for the diet to be as successful as possible.

Eating the right food combinations help dieters loose weight both naturally and safely. This diet aids with digestion, jump starts the metabolism and keeps it running optimally. Because food is being digested efficiently, instead of sitting in the stomach for long period, the body will begin to burn more calories, creating a caloric deficit. This caloric deficit will decrease the body’s fat deposits, thus supporting a healthy weight loss.


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